Control your hockey pitch with Desso AquaMaster.

Desso AquaMaster is a smart, efficient and ecologically friendly water management system for hockey pitches. A closed loop water system provides water from below the pitch up to the playing surface whilst one controls the water level. That means for a hockey pitch, water is equally spread and leveled according to the performance of players. Desso AquaMaster needs much less water than the conventional way of sprinkling a hockey pitch. Not only reduces the water consumption up to 90%, which is cost-saving, but it also increases the quality of the play which leads to better performances. And above all, Desso AquaMaster makes a water-based pitch available for everyone.


  • Water management for hockey pitch
  • Closed water loop system
  • Irrigation from below
  • Control water level
  • Decreases water consumption up to 90%


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Equal spread of water over the whole pitch
  • Optimal rebound damping, high ball speed and perfect ball control
  • Consistent and constant quality of play
  • Increased players comfort
  • Playable at all times and for everyone

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