Artificial turf: applications

Artificial turf for sport pitches

  • grass pitch playable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the season
  • constant Desso playing quality guaranteed for all budgets
  • 1 artificial turf system = capacity of 5 natural grass pitches

Discover the benefits of Desso sports grass for football, hockey, American football, rugby, multifunctional fields and more

Artificial turf for garden, town and company

  • lawn that is always green, minimal maintenance
  • only child-friendly and animal-friendly materials used
  • countless applications: garden, rooftop patio, playground, neighbourhood playing fields, company premises, roundabouts, etc.
  • with a heart for the environment

See the benefits of artificial grass for landscaping

Hybrid grass for elite sports and stadiums

Desso Sports Systems developed its patented Desso GrassMaster® grass system especially for elite sports. A natural grass pitch is reinforced with artificial turf fibres injected 20 cm deep into the pitch.  It stays a natural grass pitch, but one that can be played on 3 times as much.

Everything about DESSO GrassMaster® hybrid grass

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