Artificial turf for sports: the benefits

Artificial turf looks and feels like natural grass

  • water-retaining Desso fibre technology for 100% true-to-nature playing experience
  • optimal shock absorption, turning and set-off power, uniform over the whole pitch
  • natural looks with Desso multicoloured colour range

Artificial grass can be played on at all times

  • natural grass can be played on for an average of 250 hours per season. Artificial grass is always playable.
  • proven Desso playing quality regardless of the weather conditions

Artificial turf retains its characteristics

  • unique Desso fibre shape and composition combines durability with long-lasting resilience and 'soft touch'
  • developed for intensive use: for more teams, more training sessions, and more matches

Artificial turf is maintenance-friendly

  • Brushing, removing leaves and loosening filler material regularly
  • Desso Sports gives maintenance training and carries out (semi) annual professional aftercare

Artificial turf saves space

  • 1 artificial turf pitch = capacity of 5 natural grass pitches
  • Significant budget and space savings and extra space for your canteen, parking, etc.

Artificial turf is environmentally friendly

  • No need to water = > no water wastage
  • No mowing or weed removal = > no CO2 emissions -pesticides

Desso Sports Systems is the first synthetic grass supplier in the world that works according to the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy. The ambition: in 2020, 100% Cradle-to-Cradle Desso artificial turf pitches.

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