Installing artificial turf for sports

Installation in 5 steps

  • Step 1. pitch design with Desso artificial turf expert
  • Step 2. dig out the site
  • Step 3. lay water-permeable underlayer to match the sporting and climate requirements
  • Step 4. roll the artificial turf rolls out and glue them
  • Step 5. fill with sand and/or rubber infill (unless you have decided to have not filled-in artificial turf)

Result: An artificial turf pitch that is ready for play with the sporting technical properties that meet your requirements.

Desso artificial turf pitch is a total system

  • artificial turf fibres and infill (rubber and/or sand filler) determine what your pitch is going to look like
  • underlayer ensures good drainage
  • together, they determine the sport-technical properties, such as shock absorption, ball roll, sliding characteristics, and wear

aanleg van een kunstgrasveld voor sport


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