Prices for artificial turf pitch for sport

Recover your investments

Does artificial turf require an investment? Of course, it does. Artificial turf pitches cost money. But that is money that you will recover over time. With artificial turf, you get more out of your sports pitch and your maintenance is costs less. If you add to that the precious space that you are saving, you will see that artificial turf pitches have an extremely high cost-recovery impact.

Compare the costs per playing hour

Type of grass Natural grass Natural grass DESSO GrassMaster® Desso artificial grass pitch
Type of field competition pitch competition
training field
training field
training field
Capacity in playing hours 250 400 750 1500
(over 10 years)
*** **** ****** *****
Annual maintenance ** *** ** *
Annual costs ***** ******* ******** ******
Cost per playing hour **** **** ** *

the above table is an indicative comparison.
* annual maintenance based on standard maintenance, fulltime groundskeeper, including materials/products

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