Stade de France selects GrassMaster

Read moreStade De France selects Desso GrassMaster. With this installation a world-breaking record has been set as the popular natural reinforced grass pitch technology is now installed for the 600th time since 1989.

More tournaments selecting X-series

Read moreJanuary is a great month for Desso Sports. Two major nationals competitions, one in Rwanda and another in Colombia host games on several Desso artificial turf pitches. Both countries selected the unique X-shaped fiber technology. 

CFA Melbourne installed GrassMaster

Read moreThe facilities at Melbourne have been built to exactly the same standard as those in Manchester City Football Academy. The Melbourne City FC first team will now train on the first Desso GrassMaster pitch in Australia. 

NEW / Desso AquaMaster

Read moreControl your hockey pitch with the new system Desso AquaMaster. A smart, efficient and ecologically friendly water management system for hockey pitches. 

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