DESSO GrassMaster® hybrid grass



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Perfecting the natural sport pitch

DESSO GrassMaster®  is a hybrid grass system that has more than proven itself at Premier League and NFL clubs, multifunctional stadiums and renowned events such as the Football World Cup, Rugby World Cup, UEFA European Championships, etc. The playing quality is the favourite of top players around the world. Stadium managers choose the system that will give them the highest ROI for their stadium.

Discover the applications and read how football, rugby and American football clubs  have been successful with Desso hybrid grass fields.

What is DESSO GrassMaster® hybrid grass?

A DESSO GrassMaster ® hybrid grass pitch is a 100% natural sport grass pitch reinforced by millions of Desso artificial turf fibres.

  • with a patented technique, specialised installers inject 20 million Desso artificial turf fibres in a natural grass mat
  • the natural grass roots intertwine with the 20 cm deep injected artificial turf fibres
  • result:  a high-tech, stable pitch that can take 3 times as much playing than a normal, natural grass pitch

A DESSO GrassMaster®  pitch is much more than just a perfected sport grass pitch. Watch the video and see how a top field can take your sport venue to the highest level.


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