Hybrid grass: the benefits

At the top levels, you need a grass mat that scores. In terms of both sport and business. An unplayable pitch means loss of revenue. To address that issue, Desso developed the DESSO GrassMaster® hybrid grass system: a reinforced natural grass pitch that can cope with both top-level games and events.

Playing quality of perfect natural grass

  • optimal ball roll, ball bounce, interaction between player and pitch, grip and slidings
  • uniform pitch quality, no loss of quality in goal areas and in the central playing axis

Stronger grass pitch for intensive use

  • natural grass roots deeper and is anchored more strongly thanks to the 20 cm deep injection of artificial grass
  • training, matches and more teams on the same hybrid grass mat

At least 3 x more playable

  • artificial turf fibres stabilise the grass mat => no sod sections that come loose, no sinkage, etc.
  • better drainage thanks to the sandy build-up and vertical artificial turf injection

Multifaceted sport infrastructure

  • faster recovery of reinforced natural grass mat can be covered for non-sport events
  • no extra maintenance in comparison with natural grass

Long-term returns for stadiums

Discover the applications of DESSO GrassMaster hybrid grass pitches


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