Installation of hybrid grass pitches

Installation of a top-level pitch: a job for specialists

Reinforcing natural grass with synthetic fibres is a technique patented by Desso Sports Systems. Our experts have installed more than 450 reinforced natural grass pitches around the world. For the underlayer, we only work with certified partners that have been selected rigorously.

Installing a hybrid grass pitch: step by step

Step 1: Bespoke pitch design

  • Put together an installation team (hybrid grass specialist, local grass expert, external advisors, club owner, etc.)
  • Define requirements (climate, architecture, use intensity, applications, etc.)

Step 2: Prepare the underlayer

  • Excavate the ground layer and install the drainage system
  • Lay down the top layer of sand (enriched with compost)

Step 3: Seed the natural grass

  • Select the grass varieties and seed in consultation with local experts
  • If necessary, using sod (rather than grass seeds) can be used to accelerate the installation process

Step 4: Inject synthetic fibres

  • Computer-driven Desso machines inject 20 million artificial turf fibres 20 cm deep into the pitch
  • 1 artificial turf fibre every 2 by 2 cm, maximum fibre height above the ground is 2 cm
Step 4 can also be schedule prior to step 3

Step 5: Symbiosis between natural grass and artificial turf

  • Natural grass roots intertwine with the synthetic fibres and grow deeper
  • Anchoring the natural grass to create a level, firm, and stable playing field


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