Reinforced natural grass for the European Championship.


Both Stade de France and Parc des Princes understood the need of quality pitches to compete with the best around the world. Reinforced natural grass pitches have become standards in the Premier League, Rugby and Football World Cups and other competitions. Recently the Champions League final at San Siro took place on Desso GrassMaster.

They all have one thing in common, as a giant sewing machine stitched in 20 million artificial fibers to reinforce the root zone and to anchor the natural grass. The French system, called Desso GrassMaster by Tarkett, ensures both hosts a reliable and safe playing surface in all weather conditions throughout the tournament.

On June 10, exciting times begin at Stade de France when the opening ceremony and match of ‘France vs Romania’ takes place on Desso GrassMaster. During the tournament Stade de France will host 6 other games including the final. The playing surface of Parc des Princes will be used for 4 group games and a round of 16. In total 12 out of 51 games will be played on Desso GrassMaster by Tarkett.

Most players at the tournament have experience with the reinforced turf system. Since 1989 more than 600 clubs around the world have installed GrassMaster in their stadium and /or training base.
Top clubs and stadiums such as Arsenal (UK), Wembley (UK), Manchester City (UK), Manchester United (UK) Bayern Munich (Germany) already play for many years on Desso GrassMaster . For the hosting venues this is relatively new, Paris Saint-Germain plays and trains on the system since 2014 and Stade de France installed the pitch just before the Rugby Six Nations tournament in February this year.

In 2015 the nation’s main training base of Les Bleus in Clairefontaine created GrassMaster replica pitches at the training ground in order to have the same specifications and quality as the Parisian Stadiums.

Jonathan Calderwood (Parc des Princes) and Tony Stones (Stade de France), both British and Head Grounds men strive each day for perfection on Desso GrassMaster. With this system the venues will have a solid and even playing surface with an excellent drainage capacity.

About Desso GrassMaster Technology: Reinforcing the vital biological process

Desso GrassMaster by Tarkett consists of a 100% natural grass surface into which artificial fibers are injected 18cm deep, in a grid of 2x2cm. The ingenuity lies beneath the surface as the grass roots entwine with the fibers, thus anchoring the pitch. This results in a consistent playing surface with outstanding stability.

In France, Desso GrassMaster is already installed at Paris Saint-Germain (the resident club of the Parc des Princes and its training centre), Clairefontaine (French FA National training centre), FC Nantes, Guingamp, Le Havre, AS Monaco (training centre).

Reinforced natural grass for the European Championship.
Reinforced natural grass for the European Championship.
Reinforced natural grass for the European Championship.
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