Artificial turf for American football

1 location, endless sports

  • Room for American football fields is scarce and the need is great
  • Artificial grass can be played in the summer and winter, always with optimal playing quality
  • 1 Desso artificial turf field has the capacity of at least 3 natural grass fields
  • => Maximum use of your sport field with a minimum loss of valuable space 
  • More benefits of artificial grass

Comfortable and attractive

  • Desso artificial grass fields are only made of skin-friendly materials
  • The shock-absorbent underlayer goes easy on the players' joints
  • No unevenness, grass divots or mud pools
  • TIP Make your American/Canadian football or flag football field unique and have your club logo or other features integrated into the artificial grass carpet.

DESSO GrassMaster® hybrid grass

The choice of NFL teams and ambitious clubs

Elite teams want to have the perfect natural grass mat. But how does one achieve natural perfection? Desso's patented hybrid grass system can help you on your way. 20 million injected Desso artificial turf fibres ensure a stronger, even field that drains better. Super Bowl winners are already convinced of the benefits.

Discover the DESSO GrassMaster® hybrid grass system.

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