Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field, USA

Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field, USA
Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field, USA
Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field, USA

Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl XLV

Five Desso GrassMaster pitches for training and competition

Go! You Packers go!

Following the wording of their fight song, the Green Bay Packers are definitely going for it. 'The Pack' first installed the Desso GrassMaster system at the Clark Hinkle practice field. Later, the stadium field was up for a ‘GrassMaster injection’. Today the Super Bowl XLV winner plays and trains on five Desso GrassMaster pitches. They are definitely convinced of the advantages. The stadium field was pronounced best professional sports field in the USA by stadium managers.

Training ánd matches

The NFL top team was in search for a system that would keep their turf in the best possible condition regardless of the extreme temperatures in the region and without losing the natural feel. The Pack chose the Desso GrassMaster hybrid natural grass system and first installed it at Clark Hinkle field, one of the two outdoor practice facilities. The artificial fibers injected into the field did what they were expected to do: strengthen the turf and giving it the chance to better recuperate after the winter season or rough matches. Given their positive experience with the reinforced turf at their training facilities, the stadium pitch Lambeau Field was up for a ‘GrassMaster injection’.

Overcomes the most extreme weather conditions

Head Groundsman Allen Johnson about Lambeau Field: “Our GrassMaster surface, a synthetic and real grass mixture, was challenged with two of the biggest tests possible in the two play-off games in January. I had an idea what to expect, but I just didn’t know how it would hold up. In April, there was grass coming up everywhere. The field survived after a game-time blizzard against Seattle and the game-time arctic-like temperatures against the New York Giants! It’s the best the grass has come back in my time here.”

Best professional sports field in the USA

The STMA, the Sports Turf Managers Association, presents an annual award for the best sports fields in the USA. This award is especially prized because the professionals, namely the stadium managers, judge each other’s fields. The Desso GrassMaster of the Green Bay Packers was pronounced the best professional field in America.

Earlier, this prize was awarded to the Desso GrassMaster of the Denver Broncos.

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