El Retiro Stadium

El Retiro Stadium

Only 40 minutes from Medellín, El Retiro is one of the most soccer-loving municipalities in Antioquia. Its climate and tranquility have made it one of the most traditional tourist attractions for the residents of Medellín and a place where many go to retire.

For these reasons, El Retiro is often chosen by professional clubs as the location for their pre-season training. The elevation and the weather help develop the players’ physical condition, and El Retiro allows them to concentrate on this important stage. The only inconvenience until now has been the limitation in the sports venues. Standard natural grass fields could not satisfy the demand.

Now with iDNAX, not only the locals but visitors as well will be able to train on a high-performance surface. Also, the artificial field will allow the natural fields to avoid overuse and thus be better preserved.

Artificial Grass
Hybrid Grass

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