Huye Stadium, Rwanda

Huye Stadium, Rwanda

Huye Stadium wants to unite people of Rwanda through sports

Huye Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Butare, Rwanda. It is used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Mukura Victory Sports FC.

Boost community spirit

The government of Rwanda wants to promote sports in the country and has equipped already six stadiums with artificial turf. Starting point is that the artificial turf pitch in Huye Stadium and sports in general can boost the community spirit in the region. It can offer the people in the neighbourhood a steady place to meet each other and practice their sporting skills.

Smart investment

Desso artificial turf is a smart investment, since it saves space and maintenance costs are low. Moreover it can be played on all the time and always looks and feels like natural grass, which suits the Rwandan climate best.

Artificial Grass
Hybrid Grass

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