Sogndal, Norway

Sogndal, Norway
Sogndal, Norway
Sogndal, Norway
Sogndal, Norway

Unique Desso iDNA X artificial grass system with drain-shockpad and integrated heating

The Norwegian football club Sogndal plays on a high-tech synthetic grass system of Desso Sports Systems. The unique system exists of Desso iDNA X artificial grass with a drainage-shockpad and integrated pitch heating.

3D resilience

With its unique X-shaped fibre Desso iDNA X synthetic grass has '3D resilience'. No matter how the football players of Sogndal kick or run on the pitch, the fibre will always keep its shape and bounce back to its original form. Additionally the comfort of the pitch enhances by intensive play, although the fibre will not fibrillate.

Lush grass mat

The patented X-shape creates a voluminous effect without jeopardising the playing qualities. The 'wings' of the fibre reflect the light and in doing so make the grass mat look more natural. With Desso iDNA X you get a fresh green pitch with a lush look and soft grass fibres.

Optimal drainage and heating

The combination of Desso iDNA X with a ProPlay drain-shockpad provides a superior shock absorption and optimal drainage because the water flows off in vertical and horizontal direction. Thanks to the ribbon-shaped pitch heating, which is integrated in the shock pad, the pitch can also be played during the cold Nordic winter period. Additionally the system is very easy to install.

Watch the first training on the Desso iDNA X synthetic grass pitch in Sogndal

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