Lipovci HC, Slovenia

Lipovci HC, Slovenia

Slovenian top hockey on Desso artificial turf

Extremely durable turf

The players of Lipovci HC, the oldest club in Slovenia, play on Desso Crown Hockey synthetic grass. This artificial turf carpet is based on the extremely durable Desso Crown Hockey fibre. A monofilament polypropylene fibre that will not split, thereby avoiding felting and development of smooth areas where play is heaviest. 

EuroHockey Club Challenge

After the independence of Slovenia in 1991, Lipovci HC was the first Hockey na travi Club that installed artificial turf and the club soon became the best hockey club in the country. Already several times the men's team won the EuroHockey Club Challenges and participated on the highest level. The men’s team also won the InterLeague, a central European competition for Slovenian, Hungarian, Austrian and Slovakian teams.

Best hockey pitch in Slovenia

Thanks to the player’s love of the game and the friendship and support of the members of the community of Lipovci (Pomurje) the pitch is still considered to be the best hockey pitch in Slovenia. 

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