Artificial grass for multisport

Budget-friendly sports

  • Desso Sports develops long-lasting, intensively playable artificial turf fields for multiple sports
  • Ideal for schools, universities and municipalities
  • Space-savings: 1 artificial turf field has the capacity of at least 3 natural grass fields
  • Cost-savings: expenses limited to a single playing field

More benefits of Desso artificial grass

Football in the morning, field hockey in the afternoon

All of the sports that place similar demands on a surface - such as football, American football, rugby & lacrosse - can be combined in a single artificial grass field. The different line patterns can be done in different colours. So can less obvious combinations. For example, Desso developed an artificial grass system for hockey and football, with

  • reduced heat generation on the field (sprinkling unnecessary)
  • no flying rubber or compacting of the field
  • natural appearance thanks to special production method

Questions about multifunctional artificial turf fields? Please use the form below to contact us with no obligation.

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